Patron’s Message

Dear viewers,

Please kindly take a few minutes to read a short message about PEAKS Profiling from our Patron of ICYL, Dr Shirley Lim, President of Research Communication International.

Patron’s Message
Dr Shirley Lim
President of Research Communication International

As Patron of RGS-ICYL since its inception in 2006, I can say that RGS-ICYL is one of the first movers in the region to garner the region’s top female youth leaders to grow lasting relationships around shared Purpose, Energy, Affirmation, Knowledge and Sustainability.

Through its bi-annual Congresses since 2006, RGS-ICYL has connected over a thousand outstanding female youth leaders across more than 20 countries, propelling leadership values and sustainable best practices  across school and community life.   

Each ICYL Congress marks new PEAKS of attainment linked to the Theme that is carefully selected to reflect the needs of the season globally. This year’s theme around Social Enterprise focuses on the heartbeat of RGS-ICYL- to make a difference as a leader in the vibrant and evolving society of our time! 

The emphasis this year is broad- not only on social enterprise ventures or movements which are highly significant but more importantly on the Spirit of Social Enterprise. This spirit of social enterprise is in the heart of value-driven leadership whether in schools, tertiary institutions, governments, business or social organizations.

 RGS-ICYL’s Theme this year therefore focuses on People-Centred leadership as a life goal. Understanding and valuing self and others is crucial. As in all RGS-ICYL Congresses therefore, participants will be provided with PEAKS™ Leadership Profiling Technology to be a supportive platform for enhancing their personal leadership strengths and propensities.  Youth Leaders will be led to see strength and beauty in every nature and experience team strength and synergy in their leadership journey.



Quotes from past participants

Quotes from Satisfied ICYL Participants
Here are some comments from our past Operations Team and participants:

“ ICYL 2010 was awesome! Through interacting with amazing leaders from everywhere, I was inspired to be something bigger than myself and was empowered to be the change I want to see. The whole idea of moulding future female leaders, the friendships made, the many many takeaways are things that make ICYL really special and fulfilling.”- Chua Jia Min, Operations Team 2010

“ICYL 2010 was truly amazin. PEAKs showed me a side of myself and my peers that I didn’t know existed… also reaffirmed each of our personalities and showed us why we act the way we do, cause each of us are different but great the way we are!” – Chuan Li Min, Operations Team 2010

“…. Made many friends who were willing to share their leadership experience and qualities, and like step out of their comfort zone….” – Elaine Huang, Participant from RGS

“ICYL has been a memorable experience. Meeting new friends from all around the globe, playing games and gaining knowledge all comes in a package. I would recommend this to every young woman.”  – Diviya, Cedar Girls’ School

So, what are you waiting for? Join ICYL 2012 and be part of this AMAZING experience!